Tuesday, 25 August 2015

1D Announce 'Break' in 2016

I hate to say it, but I told you so.
The announcement of One Direction’s scheduled break for next year comes as no surprise to me. In all honesty, I’ve been waiting for 1D to announce a break for quite some time now. They've been hopping from tour to tour with very limited down time for years on end, there’s only so long an artist can live that lifestyle before burning out – and after their performance both on and off the stage in Australia at the beginning of this year, it’s quite obvious they’re well and truly over it all. That being said, one can only ponder the timing of said break and the real reason behind it, as Louis’ child is expected early next year.

Admittedly, they have earnt this break, but I do question if Louis’ impending fatherhood wasn't a factor, would the boys really be taking a break? Management has kept the boys on an excessively busy schedule for 4 years now, and as Modest appear to be working hard to keep attention away from Zayn’s solo career, would now really be the best time for them to go quiet? We all know younger fans will lose interest if the boys stay silent for months on end, heck we all probably will – with a new CD but no new tour to support it and look forward to, why should everyone wait it out? When there is such a wide range of active artists and fandoms with plenty of drama to choose from, I’m doubting they will. The older, more mature long-term fangirls will still be here when the boys come back, but we all know the money is in the young ones who will probably grow out of their ‘dedication’ by the sixth album – if there IS a sixth album that is.
 As much as we all deny this break may be the end of One Direction (the boys included), they won’t be returning to the same fanbase they had before. The longer they’re gone, the more fans will give up. Maybe this is part of a master plan to weed out the kiddies from the herd? Or maybe I'm just cynical (probably that). Either way, I hope their time away from the spotlight will remind them of how blessed they are to have adoring fans with bottomless pockets who continue to unconditionally support them. They started off on the X Factor longing for a job like this – time to stop taking it for granted and embrace it. What do you think?

As always, thanks for reading - Nikki.

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