Saturday, 22 August 2015

Short Stack - Homecoming Track-By-Track Album Review

Stack is officially back. My favourite Australian trio have just released their first album since their reformation in April 2014, one I've been waiting on for a long time. Their EP release 'Dance With Me' from early this year suggested their sound was mellowing which had me prepared for a tamer Short Stack than I remembered, but Homecoming has left me happily surprised. I caught up with the lads the night before their album release and can't stress enough how lovely they're continually to their fans. If there's a band that Australians should be backing, it's them.

For those of you non-Australians (or Aussies who lived under a rock during 2009 and 2010) let me catch you up; Short Stack consist of 3 hot guys from Sydney - Shaun, Andy and Bradie - who were basically the definition of punk rock in my early high school days. They were the trend setters - the hair, the music, and yes, even the eyeliner. Without trying you would know every word to Princess, it was always being played not only at school but on the radio too. It was hit song after hit song, Planets and Shimmy A Go Go being the most recognisable. It was sad to hear they'd called it quits in 2012 to pursue individual projects, but my inner fifteen year old jumped for joy when they reformed last year. I've been eagerly awaiting new music ever since, and Homecoming was definitely worth the wait.

Dance With Me - If I didn't before, I certainly want to dance with you now. No matter how many times I listen to this song, the beat will always remind me of Jet's 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' (which isn't necessarily a bad thing - that's an awesome song just like this one).

Elvis - SHOW ME YOUR MOVES! This song is my new brawl starter. The more I hear this song the more obsessed with it I become. Learning the words is one of my top priorities right now.

Gravity - Although I wouldn't have chosen this song as a single, I admittedly have a soft spot for it. I have a great appreciation for the acoustic version, but would love to hear it even further stripped back with less studio presence.

Homecoming - YES. Just yes to everything about this song. It makes me both nostalgic about my teenage days and want to jump around like a crazy person. It's going to kick some serious ass live.

Bambi - Bambi, I can't get you out of my head - literally. First run through of the CD it became my favourite track instantly. I'm not sure what makes it my favourite, but the speed up at 2:13 is a strong possibility. Holy shit indeed.

Amy - Arguably one of the strongest tracks on the album; fun and catchy as hell. I've had this song floating around on my iPod for quite some time now, and truth be told I'm just as into it now as I was when I first heard it.Oh Bradie, it's what you do to me.

Golden Boy - With such blunt and sassy lyrics, it's impossible to resist obnoxiously chanting along to the chorus. I keep daydreaming about how it will be as live performance and I'm really excited. It definitely belongs on the 2016 tour set list.

Bad Religion - You know how some songs make you reconsider a career as a professional pole dancer? This is one of those. Please let me strip down to nothing and throw my hair around while riding a pole. Seriously.

Parades - The first time I heard this song I found myself waiting for Macklemore to jump in and drop a verse. It has that familiar beat that I know I've heard before somewhere, but the boys have made it better somehow. Uncomplicated, surprisingly deep and lyrically pleasing; I'm longing for an acoustic version.

Suburbia - An important addition to the CD which I think has radio play potential despite the semi-frequent f word (which makes the song to be honest. 'Screw' suburbia? No, it's not the same,)

I've owned this CD for roughly 32 hours and my iTunes play count is already embarrassingly high. I think it's safe to say it's my favourite album release of 2015 so far. If you're a fan of All Time Low or 5 Seconds Of Summer, you won't be disappointed by Homecoming.

Homecoming is available now on iTunes worldwide.

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