Friday, 28 August 2015

Halsey - Badlands Album Review

Until a few months ago, I really didn't know anything about Halsey other than her name and hair colour. I noticed her name appearing over social media increasingly, and the hype for her first CD release 'Badlands' building daily. Upon a quick view of her Instagram and Twitter accounts, it was easy to see she has a far more extensive fanbase than I realised and the main reason why; she is a leader. Badlands is definitive proof that Halsey is extending the boundaries of pop music with her own unique branding and sound, leading a new era almost. Katy Perry may as well hand over her crown now - Halsey is ready to be inducted as pop royalty. Badlands has me very excited, and here's three reasons why:

1) At only 20 years old, Halsey's lyrics have quite an alarmingly depth. Her main topics voiced being sex, drugs and sin; themes that appear consistently through her album. With society fighting a battle with such issues, I can see why the younger generation are captivated and connect to her songs. 'Colors' is a fan favourite remastered from her EP, which paints a vivid picture of a boy's struggle with depression and drugs. Although the premise sounds grim, it's actually a beautiful and well-written song. 'Roman Holiday' has an entirely contrasting vibe, about love and running off into the sunset. 'Haunting' is another track I have a strong appreciation for, the use of metaphor is hooking. The way Halsey expresses herself and sings is alluring; that teamed with her distinctive sound is ground-breaking.

2) Like previously stated, Halsey is only 20 - and with a unique sound and loyal fanbase like she has, she won't be going anywhere any time soon. Her fans are so loyal that despite her CD leaking online, many chose to wait the five extra days until the album's official release to listen - that kind of respect isn't even found in some of the largest and most influential online fandoms. If this is the level of dedication from her fans and quality of music she is producing at so early in her career, her music much like her fanbase, can only grow.

3) Vocals sounding flawless in-studio are bound to sound much more raw when live - which I believe will only give her songs even further depth. Halsey is set to perform at Falls Festival around Australia later this year and headline some of her own side shows also; I'm very excited to hear her tracks live and hopefully experience her music in a live atmosphere. From listening to her CD purely out of curiosity - entirely out of my musical comfort zone - I've become unexpectedly captivated with Halsey. Badlands has uncovered a new found appreciation I have for her music, and I'll be keeping a close eye on her from here on out.

If you're looking for the next big thing in music, look no further; It's time to visit the Badlands.

Badlands is available on iTunes worldwide

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